Video Downloading error- Free Youtube to MP3 Converter 2014

I updated my Free Youtube to MP3 Converter from version 2013 to version 2014 yesterday, and something strange happened. When I copied the URL and then clicked "Paste" as usual to convert the video to MP3, the status bar showed a message saying 'video downloading error.' I have tried many times to test whether it really doesn't work. I even uninstalled the software and re-installed again to check if it was the problem of my computer, but, after checking, it seemed to be the problem of this 2014 version.
I hope this error can be fixed as soon as possible because I really love this free and convenient software.

政鋐 吳

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I have the same problem, too. After the update from february 2014 the programm always crashs and close without a message, if I paste a playlist in it.

Alfons Rafiq

I have the same problem. I installed the new version and it showed "Video Downloading error"

Michael James